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Our entire team is dedicated to helping you improve your knowledge of safety and offering solutions on how to boost your company’s morale and overall goals. Whether you require EHS training, OSHA training, environmental management training, or consulting services, we’re here for you.

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About Texas Safety Solutions, LLC

Texas Safety Solutions, LLC was founded by Zachary Northcutt who is a Board-Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT) awarded by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Zachary obtained a Master's Degree in Project Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health, and has experience in manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, retail, healthcare, and food/beverage industries. Zachary has a passion to help everyone succeed with their goals and he will do anything to continue this passion.

Our Approach

We use project management concepts to develop a strategic vision for our customers. We can also develop key performance indicators that will lead to continuous improvements. Health and safety policies should be specific to your organization and we will make sure our solutions apply to your objectives.

World Class EHS Portfolio

Risk Management
1. Risk management

1.1. Identify
1.2. Assess
1.3. Control
1.4. Follow Up

2. Training

2.1. Competency
2.2. Refresher
2.3. Continuous

Energy and Waste
3. Energy and Waste

3.1. Monitor/Measurement
3.2. Recycling
3.3 Green Initiatives

Management System
4. Management System

4.1. Management Leadership
4.2. Employee Participation
4.3. Plan-Do-Check-Act
4.4. Operational Elements/Risk
4.5. Management of Change
4.6. Communication
4.7. Monitoring and Measurement
4.8. Incident Investigations
4.9. Audits
4.10. Management Review

Maintenance Program
5. Maintenance Program

5.1. Identify all equipment
5.2. Written System
5.3. Preventative Inspections/Maintenance

  • Identified 79 performance gaps related to training of employees that provided 120 best practices implementation efforts and removed 43 hours of unnecessary production with a return on investment of $163,125 annually.
  • Mentored a sister plant's EHS Manager by providing guidance to ISO 14001 and 18001 standards identifying 16 potential findings and providing supporting documentation of best manufacturing practices.
  • Discovered 37 major EHS concerns during predesign of new product; work safety and environmental impact was reduced by changing equipment and eliminating unnecessary chemicals from the operating floor. Cash flow improved by $124,600.
  • Streamlined zero to landfill recycling initiative that reduced landfill waste by 83,237 pounds and total waste by 126,592 pounds; achieved Gold Level recognition by San Antonio City Manager for improvements.
  • Renovated job safety analyses to incorporate industry best practices for tool safety, electrical safety, and crane/hoist safety that resulted in improving production by 23%; 10,173 direct hours annually.
  • Implemented EHS awards program recognizing key EHS committee members in eliminating multiple redundant inspections while identifying 480 EHS hazards that lead to the reduction of 208 hours annually for indirect labor.
  • Initiated train the trainer programs that established employee empowerment, reduced production downtime by 19%, and cut reoccurring compliance training costs by $43,000.
  • Revised Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program and Spill Prevention Control Program that controlled 11 identified sources bf pollution that reduced regulatory requirements and diverted an annual cost of $5,600 in the organization's profits.
  • Established relationship with OSHA Area Director and their staff during OSHA's National Stand-Down to Prevent Falls while identifying nine risks of potential falls within the 235,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space.

We Work Hard To Help Businesses Across The U.S. Succeed In Safety

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Why Us? Results Driven!

OSHA may seem like a business obstacle at a glance. However, compliance is a necessary overhead expense that will provide value to any organization if done properly. What happens when an employee is injured, a forklift runs into machine, or a fire is started where combustibles are stored? Resources are now diverted to send the employee to the emergency room, equipment has to be repaired, or the fire has to be put out after causing damage. Production will most likely stop and profits/cash flow are reduced. Wasteful, right? We do not like waste and want to help your business grow!

We offer a wide range of safety consulting, training, and management services to companies of all sizes and niches in the U.S. Let us help you create a safer and healthier space.


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