EHS Training

Protect your employees from harm and save your business from fees from OSHA with EHS training.

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Environment, Health & Safety Affects Everyone

EHS stands for environment, health, and safety. EHS training helps teach your employees how to do their job safely and effectively while abiding by OSHA rules, guidelines, and standards. Adequate training can do more than protect your team, it can reduce the risk of fines from OSHA.

OSHA is a federal department that outlines the legal regulations for organizations, including required training. EHS training is mandatory for all organizations in the United States.

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Protect Your Employees With Health & Safety Training

Your employees are the most valuable resources of your business. Protect them with an EHS training course.

EHS training will ensure your employees are knowledgeable on how to do their jobs safely. Lessons include information on how to minimize risks, as well as what to do if an incident or accident happens. Your employees will know exactly what procedures they need to take to minimize environmental, health, or safety hazards and get their jobs done.

Safety training should happen often to ensure that your staff retains and implements their knowledge. According to OSHA, refresher training should happen once every 12 months to ensure compliance. Updated training should also occur if OSHA guidelines change.

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Making Your Campus A Safer Place

Safety training goes well beyond the traditional workplace. That's why we offer our training courses to university and college students too. Students that work on-campus science labs need safety training to reduce the risk of injuries or accidents.

A professionally-taught training course will prepare university students for on and off-campus work. It will also provide additional support to university faculty. Every student will learn how to handle hazardous materials, reduce risks, and document a hazard properly. Not only will this reduce personal risk, but it will protect the safety and health of every person on campus.

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Texas Safety Solutions can teach engaging and educational courses that meet OSHA training requirements. Contact us today to pre-register.

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Meet & Exceed Safety Regulations

Is your business unable to meet OSHA guidelines? Perhaps it’s time to explore other options. Safety starts and ends with your employees, so your search should too.

Every supervisor should ensure that staff has completed EHS training once a year. Completion of EHS training will ensure that your workers have access to all of the information they need to create a safer workplace for themselves and everyone else.

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Why Choose Our Health & Safety Training Courses

Texas Safety Solutions provides a variety of training courses for organizations in the United States. Learn why you should choose our services for your EHS training.

Training the way you want

We know that the future of work is changing, and safety training needs to keep up. We provide opportunities for your staff to complete safety training online or in person.

Your employees can implement their new knowledge into their daily practices

The biggest problem with safety training is that most people are unable to implement course teachings in the workplace. Your instructor will provide industry examples to ensure that learners know how to utilize their newfound knowledge.

Reduces risks and hazards faced on the job site

After completing our course, your team will have a keen eye for risks. Your staff can determine exactly how to limit a hazard and stay safe on the job site.

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In-Person Safety Training Courses

The best place to learn about health/safety is in the work environment. That's why we offer health/safety training in person.

An instructor will visit your office or facility to teach our comprehensive EHS training in a class format. Your staff will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of each subject, going from a beginner to an expert in only a matter of hours. Our staff will also provide resources to supervisors and employees upon class completion.

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Customize Your Learning With Online Training Courses

Don't have time for in-class training? We are proud to offer online training solutions to businesses in the United States. All they need is a mobile device or computer.

Learners are in charge of their own learning, choosing when and where they want to complete their training course. Customized training solutions are known to result in higher retention rates. They are also known to encourage accountability. And, whether you choose to complete your course in the office or on your computer, the quality of our courses always stays the same.

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Registration Is Always Open

Register today to schedule your health/safety training. Have any additional questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with more information on our services.

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Training On A Variety of Safety Topics

Safety doesn't end at one course. We offer a wide variety of other training courses to ensure you're protected on all fronts.

We offer training courses on a variety of subjects, including Quality Management, Environmental Management, and more. Many courses are also designed to suit industry-specific needs. For example, OSHA 10/30 construction training will prepare you for any risks that you could encounter while working in the construction industry.

Search our website to find other training courses that we offer. Registration is always open, so you can access training anytime you need it.

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Teaching Businesses Compliance Standards

Every employee needs to have completed EHS training, and every business needs to comply with the Department of OSHA standards. We are here to support you on your journey to reaching OSHA compliance by providing expert advice and access to resources.

Book a consultation with us today to review your compliance with training requirements. We can also register your workplace for a training course.

We're Dedicated to Your Safety

Texas Safety Solutions is dedicated to helping staff across the United States work safely and efficiently. All of our training courses are in compliance with the latest OSHA training requirements, so you can trust that you're implementing the newest hazard prevention and emergency response procedures.

If you are a supervisor in need of assistance, contact us today. We can help you access up-to-date training and forms. An experienced inspector can also visit your office and complete an in-depth review to ensure all requirements are met.

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Phone us today to register for a health/safety training class. We can schedule a consultation with an instructor for you.

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We offer a wide range of safety consulting, training, and management services to companies of all sizes and niches in the U.S. Let us help you create a safer and healthier space.


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