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In the United States, an employee is injured on the job on average every 7 seconds. Don’t let your employee be next. Protect your business and employees with the help of our health and safety consultants.

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Our Workplace Health & Safety Services

We offer a variety of services to help clients from all industries improve their workplace health and safety.

Workplace Health, Safety Consulting & Management

Protect your business with the help of our health and safety consultant. We'll help put a standard operating procedure in place with our management implementation system service. This will help your business meet and exceed compliance standards any time audits occur. We can also conduct OSHA compliance audits to ensure that your workplace meets the average standards before actual evaluation happens. Interested in getting help controlling hazards? Our industrial hygiene service will help control hazards like indoor air quality, thermal stress, and more. We'll also conduct ventilation system assessments to ensure it is adequate and meets health administration standards.

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Health and Safety Training Training Programs

Health and safety programming is critical to the safety of your facilities and employees. Without the proper education, you risk losing control of risks and having injuries occur on-site. We teach a variety of health and safety programs to ensure you're knowledgeable and implementing the best safety procedures. Browse our extensive list of programming today. Online and on-location courses are available.

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Liaison for Legal Communications

Have you had legal action taken against you? Our company offers legal liaison services for many clients facing legal issues regarding health and safety. If you have had an OSHA inspection and are facing penalties, or had an employee make a complaint, we can help. A health and safety consultant trained in legal services can help you create an action plan that may save you money.

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Incident Investigations

Have you recently had a health and safety incident happen in your facility? It's important that you find the root cause of the problem so a similar incident won't occur again. Our experienced safety consultants can assist your incident investigation team by providing unbiased views and in-depth knowledge on health and safety compliance.

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Knowledgeable Health & Safety Consultants

We have a passion for protection.

For us, health and safety development and implementation are more than a career—it's a passion. We strive to make your business as safe as it can be for you, your workers, and the environment. And, thanks to our years of experience and education, we can do just that.

Every health and safety consultant from Texas Safety Solutions is extremely knowledgeable in all personal and environmental safety procedures. Our expertise and experience allow us to offer quality solutions to our clients. Whether we are completing an evaluation, teaching a safety program, or helping you implement effective solutions, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind.

  • Your safety is our top priority
  • Rest assured knowing your employees will be thoroughly trained and protected
  • Safety courses and training are available to absolutely everyone
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Enroll In A Safety Program Today

The best way to prevent workplace injuries is to take preemptive measures. Learn about safety standards and how to mitigate dangers in a program led by a health and safety consultant from Texas Safety Solutions. The program will be educational, insightful, and teach you procedures that you can apply in the workplace. You can expect your business to exceed regulatory compliance after completing a course taught by our leading health and safety experts.

Courses are available to everyone! Whether you're a health and safety manager or an employee, you can benefit from learning about how to make your place of work safe.

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Protecting People, Companies & The Environment

The safety and well-being of your company, your clients, and the environment are up to you. But what if you overlook a risk, fail to consider the environmental impacts of your services, or fail your safety assessments? That's where we come in.

At Texas Safety Solutions, we've dedicated our careers to keeping our clients safe. We offer a variety of services to help every employer mitigate hazards and implement a safety program for their business. We'll even perform audits to ensure that all personal and environmental dangers are controlled. Our unbiased perspective and expertise ensure that our services are in-depth, accurate, and up to standard. Our clients can trust that they will be safe while working their jobs thanks to our services.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer. We can also provide free resources to your company to help with your safety program development.

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Educational Health & Safety Programs

Constant education and training are needed to keep your employees and workplace safe. Texas Safety Solutions offers in-depth, knowledgeable, and up-to-date training programs for companies in the United States. Led by a knowledgeable health and safety consultant, our health and safety training programs can help both employers and workers identify and navigate risk. There's no better way to improve health and safety performance than with education and resources.

ISO 90001 Quality Management

Learn about the basics of quality management through four courses: Introduction, Foundation, Transition, and Lead Auditor! At the end of this course, you can easily apply your knowledge to your own job. Online or in-person courses are available.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

Organizations that are looking to enhance their environmental performance and increase their efficiency should complete this course. This course will teach you how to manage both short-term and long-term processes using efficient resources.

ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management

This safety program outlines the international standard of occupational safety. Workplaces of all sizes looking to reduce the risk of injury, poor health, or death can learn everything they need to know in this safety training. Online and on-site training is available.

OSHA Training

Create a safe and risk-free workplace for your employees. Both employer and employees will learn how to identify hazards and take action in accordance with OSHA compliance. Courses include ladder use, fall protection, lock-out tagout, emergency planning, fire prevention, compressed gas, and more.

OSHA 10/30 Hour Construction Cards

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the U.S. Protect your employees with our OHSA construction training. The curriculum can be customized to the risks and compliance standards for your industry. Courses are available in 10-hour and 30-hour options.

OSHA 10/30 Hour General Industry Cards

Show your dedication to health and safety with this safety course. Employers in any industry (besides construction and maritime) can learn about how they can reduce hazards in their facilities and on the job site with this course. 10-hour and 30-hour options are available.

We Specialize In Providing Safe Work Environments

Texas Safety Solutions offers workplace health and safety consulting, training programs, incident investigations, and liaisons for legal communications to help your company meet and exceed OSHA standards.

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We offer a wide range of safety consulting, training, and management services to companies of all sizes and niches in the U.S. Let us help you create a safer and healthier space.


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