December 13, 2021

Scaffolding Safety

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) reported 61 fatalities from scaffolding in 2018. Make sure your employees aren't next with scaffold safety training.

Educate Your Employees on Scaffold Safety

Scaffolding systems are popularly used in the construction industry, with over 65% of construction workers working on scaffolding every year. With this much use, workers must be educated on scaffolding safety don'ts, and scaffolding safety do's.

Workers should be properly trained by a qualified person with extensive knowledge of scaffolds. Texas Safety Solutions offers scaffolding safety training alongside our other programs. We can ensure anyone working on scaffolding will be knowledgeable on OSHA standards, safety requirements, and hazards they may face. Your employees will be able to work smart and safely after our safety training.

Learn How To Obey The Maximum Intended Load

The maximum intended load on your scaffolding work platform is not something to be ignored; the structural integrity of your scaffold frame may be compromised if there is too much weight on it. The best practice is to calculate how many people, as well as how many materials your scaffold can handle. Materials can add a lot of extra weight to a scaffold.

Texas Safety Solutions can offer professional guidance as to how you can obey the maximum weight on scaffolds. With our help, your team will be able to quickly identify how many employees, materials, and tools can be on scaffold work platforms at once.

Identify Existing & Predictable Hazards

One of the main safety tips for scaffolding is to develop a keen eye for hazards. Hazards can be pre-existing or develop during the course of the work shift. Your staff needs to learn how to identify various hazards to protect themselves from risk.

In our courses, we discuss different hazards that can arise on the scaffold. We discuss a variety of hazards, including but not limited to:

  • Falling objects
  • Power lines
  • Debris nets
  • Mud sills

Instructors can also discuss additional hazards that are relevant to your specific industry. These hazards include physical, biological, ergonomic, chemical, and fall hazards.

From identifying scaffold planking covered by a debris net to an active power line, employees will be able to identify, document, and monitor hazards following the completion of our OSHA course.

Learn To Monitor Environmental Working Conditions

Adverse weather conditions can make a scaffold an extremely unsafe place—especially if there is heavy rain and strong winds. Environmental hazards can increase the risk of incidents or accidents to your employees. It’s a good idea to shut down your work site when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

An employee in direct supervision of the job site should be educated on environmental hazards. Our EHS and OSHA safety courses discuss environmental hazards in-depth. Register today!

Become Familiar With Scaffolding Equipment Safety Standards & Dangers


The key to safe scaffolding use is a safe and structurally sound scaffold. Therefore, scaffold inspection should take precedence when you first arrive on site.

Our company is proud to teach courses about scaffold structures. A qualified instructor will teach your employees about everything they need to know about the scaffold. Subject matter includes:

  • What is a safe scaffold
  • How to identify if scaffold planking and cross braces are in proper working order
  • Green tag, yellow tag, and red tag scaffolds
  • How to identify if there are any components missing from a scaffold
  • Protective canopies and falling objects on scaffolds
  • And more!

Your team will learn about the entire structure of your scaffold from top to bottom in our courses. They will learn about the quality, construction, and inspection of scaffolding materials to uphold safe access. Not only will it make your staff more knowledgeable, but it will also decrease the risk of an accident or incident taking place on a scaffold.

Fall Protection Is Required

When working on scaffolding, a personal fall arrest system can be the difference between life and death. The harness, anchorage, and lifeline will offer fall protection, catching a worker if they slip or fall off the scaffold platform. Yet, despite its importance, many managers and employees forget to use a fall arrest system while on the job.
Personal fall arrest systems are important for your safety and can save your life. They're also required for every scaffold type except self-contained and single-point and two-point suspension scaffolds. As a result, you must educate yourself and your employees on fall arrest systems. Your employees should know how fall protection systems work and how to set one up correctly.

We are proud to offer in-depth information on fall protection systems in our training courses. A qualified person will discuss the fall arrest system tools and their proper use to ensure your staff is knowledgeable on fall arrest systems.

Educate Employees Working On Scaffolds

Proper safety training can resolve problems related to scaffolds. Sign your team up for OSHA training to learn scaffolding safety tips. The qualified instructor will go into depth on how your staff can stay safe on the work site.

We're Committed To Keeping You Safe

Texas Safety Solutions is committed to providing quality health and safety courses to help keep you safe. Our courses align with the latest OSHA regulations and guidelines, so you can trust that you are learning the most up-to-date protocols. We also ensure to go beyond the basics of wearing your hard hat and maintaining three points of contact (two feet and one hand or one foot and two hands); keeping you safe and protected involves comprehensive and industry-specific content.

Contact Us Today

You can ensure the safety of your workers with proper training. Contact us today to register your employees for OSHA training. Scaffold safety is a large part of the curriculum.

We offer a wide range of safety consulting, training, and management services to companies of all sizes and niches in the U.S. Let us help you create a safer and healthier space.


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